Our three World Class Smart Grid Summits represent a proven, productive approach to Industry Events. We are in our 8th season with Rural Smart Grid Summit (RSGS) focused on Rural Cooperative Electric Utilities, 7th season with Municipal Smart Grid Summit (MSGS) focused on Public Power Utilities, and 4th season with Smart Water Summit (SWS) focused on Water Utilities. These unique Summits offer a highly interactive, intimate format for Utility Executives seeking the latest Industry research, regulatory news, standards, and cutting edge technology.

The Smart Grid Summits represent a quality, hands-on experience where high level Utility Executives interact with Industry Leading Vendors, analysts and federal agencies. Summit Attendees are able to stay current with the latest advances in technology by participating in Vendor Boardroom Presentations, The Summit Solution Showcase, and Executive Premier Presentations.

As the producer of Smart Grid Summits, Agora Communications Marketing & Expo (ACME) collaborates with Industry Leading Vendors, associations and research firms to create successful Summits. Our staff is comprised of Senior-Level Professionals who bring a combined 50+ years of experience to each Summit, focusing on Industry trends and needs not addressed at traditional trade shows or Industry Events.

Past Summit Attendees and Vendors attest to the high bar SGS has set for those in the Smart Utility Industry.